DIY Bracelet and Necklace

DIY Necklace and Bracelet from a Hair Clip

I always love wearing and collecting accessories. Accessorizing always give an edge even to the most plain and bland outfit. My loved for accessories triggered me to hunt and concoct my own accessory designs. Recently, i dug my treasure box of trinkets and found a couple of unused hair clips. From there a shock of brainwaves elude the inner core of my brain.=) I wanna make use of these hair clips in another way. So here it is my DIY Bracelet and necklace from a hair clip.This is very very easy to do. Won't even consume half of your time.

Things you'll need:

1. hair clips of with cute and unique designs (try to dug in your vanity box or you can buy from the mall)
I got mine in feathers and peacock inspired clip
2. Silk Ribbons - you can choose any color you want

3. last but not the list - Glue Gun

1. Remove the clip that is attached on the back of your hair clip

2. Attached it to the ribbon with a glue gun. make sure it's secure.

And Ta Da!!!  Isn't it easy???? =)

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