Vintage Your Self

Ever wonder what life's like in a different era? What you might look like? Just awhile ago i was browsing for some exciting photo editor and i found this site it is very easy to use. all you have to do is upload your photo and  choose what era you want to be. You can also choose 3 different paths/styles for your photos 1. Portrait 2. Student Life 3. Most Likely too. You can also add your friends photo for more  hilarious picture. Just click the link above and have fun =)  Here are some of the photos i made =))

That's me in 1985 era
My Sister in her 1970 era. well she's not really happy with her puffy hair hahaha

Me in 1978.. i rather look creepy in here.

Me with my sister known as the best folk quartet in 1974

me as office girl in 1990

me and my sisters cheering our heart out in 1984

My Rockstar in 1986 
You? what is your story?

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  1. omg I thought the first one was real :3 but anyways it looks pretty good. I'm definitely going to check it out! thanks!