I ♥ Vintage

I definitely love vintage, it's just something i can borrow on my mom or grandmother's closet chest. =)) But one thing is that vintage fashion is just so unique.Shopping for it feels like discovering buried treasure, and it's like going back in time, and not to mention i am a big fan of flea markets and thrift stores. I am not really one of those fashion lovers who love to splurge on expensive items.  I mean being fashionable means you have to be creative, imaginative, comfortable and most of all resourceful=) 

My own personal Favorite Dress. Made by my mom. Originally it is her unused skirt that she made into a dress =)) I super
love it because it is so comfortable.

Bag: Carven Paris - A gift from my Aunt 

Vintage Doll Shoes: I bought it from a flea market for about Php 150.00 

Vintage Ring bought from a thrift store Php 25.00 only

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